Mike Grande

Electric and Acoustic Guitars: Mike Grande

Instrumental Guitarist Mike Grande has been playing guitar for over 20 years. Mike started teaching guitar at the age of 15. At 16, Mike was performing all over the Tri-State area. Many times Mike needed to have his parents accompany him to play shows because he was too young to get into the local bars. Over the course of twenty plus years, Mike has maintained a steady student clientele while also doing session work in New York City. Mike spent many years performing his own songs live with numerous bands. It wasn’t until 1994 that Mike decided to focus primarily on instrumental music. “Frustrated with rising studio costs, I decided to open my own recording studio”. With nothing more than a reel to reel, a few guitars, an amp, drum machine and some keyboards, Mike was soon writing and recording his own material on a daily basis. Since the nineties, Mike’s home studio evolved into a full recording studio suite, with live rooms, a vocal booth and a state of the art control room. With his new studio, Mike would now be producing, recording and engineering his debut album; ‘My Dash Between the Numbers’. Mike was lucky enough to have Adam Reich assist him in engineering this album. “Adam Reich and Rob Racalbuto have been friends of mine for years. Getting them to play on this album added a dimension to the music that could not have been achieved by anyone else”.

Adam Reich

Bass Guitar: Adam Reich

Adam ‘Ub Iwerks’ Reich is Mike’s brother in music. Playing guitar at age ten, Adam would soon be one of the most sought after musicians and producers in the New York area. There is nothing Adam cannot play. Adam’s skills behind a board, on a stage or in the studio are impeccable. It was an honor to have him work with me on this project. Adam is truly a musical genius.

Rob Racalbuto

Drums and Percussion: Rob Racalbuto

Rob Racalbuto is Mike’s go to guy for all of his sessions. Rob’s drive and enthusiasm has never wavered in his 20+ year career. A professional approach with a dash of looseness is what keeps him a much desired musician. Rob has worked with a wide array of musicians/producers/individual artists and bands. "Knowing what not to play and interaction with other musicians is an art that can not be taught, it has to be experienced." Rob Racalbuto is also available for sessions. You can learn more about Rob by visiting www.rrdrums.com.

Eddie Perelman

Piano/Keyboards: Eddie Perelman

Eddie Perelman plays Piano and Keyboard on “If I Could Learn to Fly” and “Butterflies”. Eddie also co-wrote these two songs with Mike Grande. Eddie and Mike spent a lot of time writing instrumentals in the early nineties. Ed’s piano playing has a tremendous influence on Mike’s guitar playing. Any album that Mike will do in the future will always include at least one song written with Eddie.
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